Shomari Stone is a television reporter at NBC Washington.

He joined the NBC team on August 22, 2011. He immediately covered the 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake and Hurricane Irene in the same week.

Shomari came to NBC from KOMO, an ABC affiliate in Seattle, WA. He reported on the Pacific Northwest snow storms, flooding, avalanches and mudslides. He reported live on the Enumclaw blizzard, the Hyak Ski Resort avalanche and he earned a 2010 Emmy Nomination for his Arlington Flood report. He showed viewers some of the hardest hit areas of western Washington. Some of his reports were shown on CNN to a live national audience. He also reported on President Barack Obama's historic Inauguration in Washington, DC.

Shomari brings 12 years of television broadcast experience to NBC Washington.  In Miami, he was part of the CBS 4 team of journalists recognized with an Edward R. Murrow Award for live coverage of the Federal Air Marshals Shooting at MIA in 2006.  His report on the Lauderdale Lakes "Drum Line" program garnered a 2004 Emmy Award nomination.

He covered the regular beat plus the not so ordinary. For example, Hurricane Katrina's, Rita's and Wilma's passage through Florida and the resultant devastation to the region; Republican Presidential contender, John McCain's, appearance in Miami, the local impact of the Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro's relinquished power, the Miami International Airport Air Marshal shooting, the local impact of the fall of Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide, and the uproar surrounding the death of Anna Nicole Smith.

Shomari started his broadcast career at WINK-TV, a CBS affiliate in Fort Myers, Florida. He reported on the 2000 Florida Recount, the brush fires sweeping central Florida in 2001, and the Bush family's first "Presidential" vacation on Gasparilla Island in 2000.

Shomari graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications Studies in 2000. He interned at CNN, ABC News and finally at BET, all in Washington, D.C.

As a University of Michigan undergraduate, Shomari was awarded a number of honors and awards: the 2000 Mary Lou Butcher Equality in Journalism Award for outstanding performance in Journalism; the 2000 NAACP Achievement Award; a 1999 John L. and Clara M. Brumm Memorial Scholarship for outstanding performance in Communication Studies; in 1999 the J. Evens Campbell Scholarship in Journalism for outstanding academic achievement in journalism; in 1998 the Leland Stowe Award for outstanding scholastic performance in preparation for a journalism career; and a 1998 Claude Silfritt Undergraduate Award for outstanding academic performance in communication studies.
Born in Ann Arbor where he spent his early years, to Louis Stone and Pauline Terrelonge-Stone, Shomari had the opportunity to live in various parts of the US other than Ann Arbor, most notably in Boston, San Francisco, Detroit, Palo Alto, Washington DC, Tampa, and Miami. This exposure to urban, suburban, and semi-rural communities as a child and adult has influenced his approach to his journalistic work.

Throughout his career in Ann Arbor, Fort Myers, Miami, and Seattle, he has been active in his community.

Shomari enjoys playing tennis, basketball, swimming, Scrabble, building websites and spending time with his family.