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Shomari, continued success. You Are a gifted journalist.

 Whitney Stringer
@shomaristone I love to see that came out this evening to help Ms. Owens after the story on her eviction. Nice update

Amy Lupold Bair   @Shomari Stone Love that you tried to speak to the metro lottery winners! The other networks didn't report nearly as well.

August 23, 2011 - January 1, 2012 Viewers' Tweets

 angela lee

Yay is on live right now! Such an awesome end to the day! Go climb the monument Shomari!!!
27 Sep

Kat Yumping
Watching wall climbing on the news is all sorts of awesomeness.
27 Sep

Hill B
good story u stayed dry &clean
10 Sep

Marcia J.

Sir, you deserve the break. Please get some rest. Thanks for a great job.

 You really had baptism by fire but you pulled it off; earthquake, hurricane, you came thru unfazed.
Eduardo Martinez

Esther Cho

Wicked H
Sabrina Kidwai
Jessica Rodgers
greta arnold

Ty for the great made it interesting and informative....welcome back to DC.

Insana Collins

you kept us sane and informed during the storm.

Jennifer Campbell Welcome! Thanks for keeping us company!
Amit Tonse you're awesome :-)
Michelle Raimist
Jeannette Baer
Denise P

Ronald W English II
Alan Berkson
HarDisha Miller
Eduardo Martinez
Nina Doherty
Ransom Miller
Sara Bickler
Rich Taylor
Jimmy Campbell

Linda Jones
Rob Kruz

Denise P
28 Aug

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K. Stephanie Foster
The Belt Team
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